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  • What is Monkey Business Preschool?

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    MBP is a place where we try to regress Nature-Deficit Disorder. We let kids be kids in nature, where all kids can feel part of nature and experience it freely. MBP also teaches young learners 4 languages (isiZulu, Afrikaans, English and Mandarin) by four dedicated teachers.

  • What does language learning entail at MBP?

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    Language learning does not stop at the language itself. Language learning entails the language, the culture and the traditions that go with the language.

  • Why do learners move classrooms each week?

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    The learners get to move from culture to culture as they move from classroom to classroom. Each class is tailored to the culture and traditions of the language.

  • What is included in MBP’s school fee?

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    4 Dedicated language teachers
    Enough room to play on the premises
    Daily stretching
    Bible time
    2 Balanced meals
    Nutritious snacks
    Weekly culture classes
    Specialist classes (golf, gymnastics, swimming, self-defence, manors for minors, etc.)
    and MORE!

  • Do you offer a half-day option at MBP?

    No. This is because we have such a fun-filled schedule, the learners will simply miss out with half-day.

  • Can I enrol my 2-year-old at Monkey Business Preschool?

    Unfortunately not yet, regulations differ for below and above 36-month-old children. But feel free to put your name on the waiting list.