Plastic Brick Challenge

Hi and welcome to our Challenge page!

We would like to challenge you to create plastic bricks to reduce your waste. We have a lot of 2-litre bottles that need filling. With a great shock, we realized that we are not producing enough waste to fill all our bottles on our own so we have created this challenge to ask for your help. We can deliver bottles within a radius of 25km around MBP. The bricks will be used in the construction at the school to showcase the effort of the community to help save the Earth with waste management and as a visual reminder that we can make a difference when we work together. We are currently reaching out to people to help us with this challenge. We would also like to take this time to congratulate everyone in their Reducing, Reusing and Recycling efforts. Special thanks to MobiVet Animal Hospital for already joining this challenge. #lockdownchallenge

Eco-Bricks for EcoArch 100%
Eco Sensory Wall 57%

See below the coverage of where we would be able to deliver/pick-up the bottles.

challenge coverage zone
challenge deliver/pick-up zone


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Create your own plastic bricks

final brick

How to create plastic bricks for the challenge

  1. Get

    2-litre bottle

    Use our delivered 2-litre bottle or your own 2-litre bottle. Rinse it, not necessary to give it a thorough wash since it would waste precious water.

  2. Gather

    plastic sorted image

    Round up all your unrecyclable plastic (or plastic you are too lazy to recycle) and cut / tear it into smaller pieces to fit in the bottle.

  3. Compress

    plastic brick making gif

    Using a stick compress the plastic in the bottle to maximize plastic consumption.

  4. Contact

    contact us image

    Please contact us via phone, email or contact us page when you have finished all your bottles, for collection.

  5. Pose

    Take the time to send us a photo of you or your hard work to be displayed on our page.