About Us

We hope in this About Us page you can find all the information you seek, if not please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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Rudél Zowitsky (Founder)

I have a Bachelors in Veterinary Science, with a special interest in production. I recognized the need in South Africa for cultural respectquality education, and sustainability – economic and environmental.


Michaël Zowitsky (Co-Founder and Headmaster)

I have a Bachelors in Science with majors in Genetics, Human Physiology, and Psychology. I did my Post Graduate Certificate in Education also at the University of Pretoria. I worked in China for 2 years, where I saw how Chinese children learn and understand another language.


Curiosity and a love of learning are the best things we can instil in our students. This in conjunction with how to be money-wise will give our students a headstart.

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We not only prepare children for going to ‘big school’, but we also prepare them in four languages. We bring a new approach to learning and we bring children together.

Why the business was started?

A gap was seen to educate the next generation of leaders in business and society. Teaching the kids different languages while they are still prone to learning and forming critical neural connections in their brains. Different languages bring different cultures, teaching children about empathy and understanding. This is a Christian school teaching manners and behaviour beyond today’s social norms. The aim is to build a better community, not to duplicate the current one. To embrace and appreciate our differences, not to criticize it.
There are some things that we wish someone had taught us when we were still able to absorb and cement knowledge fast and effectively. This school is aiming to do just that, make optimal use of the little time we have to build/create/program a child into a better human.

In the start-up time of the school, the primary beneficiaries will be above average income business-orientated parents. Most probably working or staying in the east of Pretoria. These parents want their children to be money wise. When the school develops into a strong standalone school, more scholarships will be able to be offered to less fortunate children. Ensuring the upliftment of disadvantaged communities.

Our Curriculum

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Our teachers are passionate about their students — and passionate about what they teach. We are not your typical preschool; we have 4 dedicated teachers each who specialize in a single language, we are not confined to a single space, we use all that is to our disposal to get each child to their maximum level of retention.

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Are we right for you? Contact us on Facebook or any of our other platforms to learn more about our pedagogy, curriculum, or history. We’re proud of our school and happy to share.