Earth Day Series: Part 2 – Global Earth Challenge

And here is the second post in the series! Today I’m focussing on the Citizen Science Initiative called Earth Day Challenge 2020. I only became aware of this Challenge yesterday (24/03/2021), so I thought I’ll share this with all of you. If you are like me (and the rest of the MBP family) and would like to make a change in your community, why not join this challenge?

So what is the Global Earth Challenge?

In short, it is a coordinated citizen science campaign, using mobile technology. Basically, you’ll collect some data like; air quality, water quality and other things like insect populations. With all of the data, it will provide valuable insight and a platform for a change in policy in the area where the data is collected.

“Using mobile technology and open citizen science data, Global Earth Challenge™ empowers people around the world to help monitor and mitigate threats to environmental and human health in their community.”
Global Earth Challenge

If you want more information please go and visit the website here. Also, we would love to hear how you guys feel about this, so don’t be afraid to start a conversation.

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