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Edmodo's Camp Mo
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What is it?

Camp Mo is a summer camp, yes it’s a Northern hemisphere thing. Quite expected since I have never heard of anyone go to such a thing here in South Africa, nonetheless, it’s a free online summer camp hosted by Edmodo. Weeklong camps will be both educational and fun-touching themes such as backyard conservation, theatre, and STEM challenges. Combining online instruction with offline activities, campers will log in to their Camp and get daily activities, challenges, and tasks.

Is it safe?

They will be able to safely connect and collaborate with students like themselves from around the world, always monitored by professional camp counsellors.

Do they need to be connected all the time?

To make Camp Mo accessible to as many students as possible, activities can be accessed anytime during the day, whenever they have access to a connected device.

Who can attend?

Students aged 9-15.

How do I join?

Visit the following website www.edmodosummercamp.com.

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