Take the Time to Smell the Roses and Meet Michaël

During this “stay at home” times it can be quite difficult to keep yourself busy. You always wish for all this time to do the things that you never had the time to do, just to realise time was never the issue. I’m sitting on my bed -yes, I know very professional- trying to schedule the posts to keep the website active and the social platforms full of interesting and relevant information.

roses collage
Roses in the area

I must say reading the articles that a convenient program suggests help to keep me busy and find more information to publish, helps. But keeping productive was never my speciality. This time also gives, well time to think about where I want to go personally and of course professionally. Naturally, I would love to get the Business up and running with the least amount of resistance. The funds needed to do this is one of the most impactful/limiting factors at the moment.

Michael crop

The lockdown period is both a blessing and a curse, I believe that this time was a well-deserved break our lovely blue planet needed, but there is also the fact that peoples lives were deeply impacted by this period. This time brought people together, maybe to close in some instances, but it also created a great divide between people. Some small businesses had to close down due to the fact that they just did not have the funds to stay afloat during the time they could not work. So many families were impacted, some could not even manage to keep the lights on… Speaking of it, I saw last night in KN Pandemie that there is a lovely initiative of doing exactly that, keeping the lights on for people who cannot do it. If you would like to donate or like to request help click here.

Lately, I have taken more photos than I have taken in a while, from trying to get a nice photo of the full moon to all the flowers in the garden, especially the roses. If you would like to see the photos click here.

We also launched our very own challenge, the eco-brick/plastic-brick challenge. have a look at our challenge page for more information.

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