August is National Organ Donor Awareness Month

As an organ donor, you can make a difference and you do not need to be dead to do so by donating the following while you are alive; some Liver(tissue), Bonemarrow and a Kidney.
By registering for free as an Organ Donor you can help up to 7 people with vital organs (kidney, liver, pancreas, lungs and heart) and up to 50 with tissue donations like corneas, skin, bone and heart valves.

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organ donor possible donations

Make the ultimate recycle and reuse gesture by registering as an Organ donor.

It is of utmost importance to let your family know is you are a donor so that you can help someone with your donations. As there are no age restrictions, all are welcomed (and urged) to register. If you did not have the change to register before you got the chance to register, your family can luckily consent on your behalf.

We also created an event on Facebook so check that out as well and please do not be afraid to start a conversation there.

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