More EcoBricks!

We are pleased to be able to update our counters, we have increased our total number of EcoBricks created to 119. With the 12 bottles created from MobiVet waste and 2 made from personal waste. For those who don’t know what efforts go into making these EcoBricks we both envy and pity you. Envy for the tight muscles that aren’t restricting the movements of your arms and hands and pity since you don’t see the change you are making in the world. I am not talking about ‘ending world hunger’ or ‘creating world peace’, just the small change in and around the house. The knowledge that your unrecyclable waste in not ending up in rivers or the final destination the ocean.

More EcoBricks can help to lower the amount of unrecycled waste that ends up on places where these waste should never be, these include local landfills and of course the ocean.

ecobrick update 8/11/2020 image
8/11/2020 update

I know that it might not be possible for all to help or be part of the change, but for those who are we are thankful and for those who cannot, we thank for taking the time to share the challenge or just even an update like this. We are grateful for everybody involved and for those who would like to get involved, make sure to swing by our Facebook page, the Challenge page or just hang around our post page right here on the online home of MBP.

More EcoBricks are always welcomed. MobiVet Animal Hospital, situated in Waterkloof Ridge, has empty 2litre bottles if you need any and they also agreed to be a delivery point if you have any filled bottles that you want to donate.

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